Investment Strategy

TRAC has a successful track record of identifying undervalued markets and predicting market trends. TRAC is able to accumulate impressive portfolios in prime corridors in the four boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. Once TRAC identifies a target market, TRAC moves quickly to acquire as many underperforming assets as possible. This is done by purchasing properties from owners or by purchasing debt on properties that are in default, from banks, or a combination of the two.

TRAC typically closes deals in 7-30 days, and does not sign any contracts that are contingent on financing. This generally makes TRAC one of the first calls for banks, funds or brokers who have a good real estate opportunity even before the opportunity comes to market. One of TRAC’s goals is to give back to our community and are proud to claim that TRAC made depressed neighborhoods come to life from our efforts. Whether it is through our work or by sponsoring neighborhood parks and gardens or donating to local animal shelters, TRAC is always giving back to the community. TRAC also partners with homeless organizations to help stem the homeless crisis in New York City.

TRAC’s primary focus is investments on two asset types: under-performing retail and office assets, and vacant residential assets, from 20 units and up. With a team expert in management and development, TRAC acutely and progressively targets assets that require repositioning and redevelopment in prime locations to maximize profitability.